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Us In Community

Our main priority is building relationships and providing resources for Black families to thrive in their role as parents. By fostering a supportive community, we can empower and uplift each other to be the best parent, we can be.

Here's how Black women are protecting their bodies, babies during pregnancy (full story)

Shanté Sumpter (KING)

Preview of Our Bodies, Our Births, Our Babies

CDC report reveals Black women are 2-3 times more likely to die during pregnancy than white women

Shanté Sumpter (KING)

Preview of Our Bodies, Our Births, Our Babies

Birthing in the Diaspora: Providing Black Families with Culturally Responsive Holistic Care- LS 2023

Seattle Black Maternal Health Week 2023 Restores Black Autonomy and Joy

"In honor of Seattle Black Maternal Health Week 2023, Black Liberated Kin Mobilizing Access for Maternal Autonomy & Solidarity (BLK MAMAS) Collective hosted an event at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute..."

Native, Black doulas say culturally specific birth care could help reduce high maternal death rates

“Washington state and nationwide, Black and Native American mothers and their babies are more likely to die during or after pregnancy than white moms and their babies. And the rates are getting worse...."

WA awards grants to BIPOC groups tackling birthing inequities

"BLKBRY, another recipient organization, offers several services — including doula support, prenatal lactation and feeding education, and individualized nutrition support..."


Birthing Justice Screening and Town Hall

Easier, safer maternity care for Black people in Washington

BLKBRY is an organization working to fill gaps in culturally responsive care for Black birthing people and families in Washington..."

Department of Health Announces Birth Equity Project Grant Recipients

“Funding announced for organizations working to support healthy births and expand access to resources for birthing families..."
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