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As a kid, we remembered that the pantry was were are the snacks and good stuff was stored, and that's what we've stocked for community. Our Community Pantry goes beyond just carrying items for infants. We strive to carry inclusive items for Black folks and families like menstrual hygiene products, pregnancy items, lactation supplies, clothes, and infant and toddler items. We are one of the very few places to carry items for toddlers because why have programming that follows along 1,000 days postpartum and we do not support during the waddler and toddler milestones as well?!

BLKBRY also strives to support the Black ecosystem by buying items from Black-owned businesses (especially small and local)  that make products centering us. We also provide these items to Black folks and families at no cost.

Please note that the availability of certain items in the Community Pantry are based on our funding and/or community donations. So, our inventory can vary at times.

Black folks and families are able to self-refer for items from the pantry, or you can have a provider assist you to complete the intake form by clicking the button below. Once your forms is received and reviewed, you'll have access to place your order for pantry items.


Now that your application to place orders through our Community Pantry is completed, you can now go ahead and place your order!

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