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The Origin Story

"Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice

I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots"

Keep Ya Head Up

Song by Tupac Shakur

That's right! Our name is inspired by lyrics from Tupac Shakur. In an interview, Tupac said that [he would spark the brain that will make change], but I don't think he thought his art would spark... inspire the name of our doula practice.

BLKBRY® is spelled with letters missing for reason though. It has purpose and intention. It is spelled this way to acknowledge that there is much missing in Black reproductive, perinatal, and Black infant healthcare, and BLKBRY strives to fill in the gaps. And just like a blackberry, we are rooted in our community.


We have grown such much since our founding in 2019. BLKBRY started like a lot of doula practices... being completely solo and being conceived from birth and postpartum trauma. Unfortunately, that is how many Black birth workers come into practice. We experienced harm and trauma, and are called into this profession as a means to prevent other Black birthing people from experiencing the same. Our team is comprised of folks with lived experiences, training, continued education, and are active in our community.


Who We Are

An Unapologetically Black Space.

BLKBRY is a culturally responsive, evidence based practice that intends to interrupt harm to Black people and families by providing full spectrum wraparound support during the reproductive, prenatal, postpartum and lactation periods, and by building power and autonomy through relationships of trust and restoring community, and holistic and birthing knowledge.

We believe that Black people with both learned and lived experience must be the leaders, drivers, and implementers of this work to make true change.

BLKBRY also invests in the Black ecosystem. Our priority of connection and collaborative care is to build relationships and community with Black specialists, providers, and community-based organizations and clinics that reflect our community. We invest in our community by also purchasing and stocking items from Black-owned businesses. We strive to purchase from those that are local to the Pacific Northwest. We remain intentional about our impact on the Black birthing community and cultural economy of the Black community in Washington State.

BLKBRY is designated as an official Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS) by Commonsense Childbirth - National Perinatal Task Force. We cannot express how honored we are for this recognition.

A Perinatal Safe Spot is a physical or virtual space, or both – a place where [pregnant people] and families can safely connect and find support. A Perinatal Safe Spot is also a place to utilize the four tenets of The JJ Way® model of care... ACCESS, CONNECTIONS, KNOWLEDGE and EMPOWERMENT in order to increase the opportunities for a positive birth outcome.


Community Partners
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Our Funders
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