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Who We Serve.

BLKBRY is a culturally responsive, full spectrum, Black doula practice providing accessible holistic care to people who identify as Black/African-American.


We acknowledge that Black refers to people of African descent across the diaspora (Black, Descendants of Enslaved Africans in the US, African-American, Afro-Latinx, Afro-Caribbean, Black and Indigenous, and African Immigrant), and BLKBRY is here for all BLACK folks!

Expecting Couple

Full Spectrum Doula Support

We care for Black people across the reproductive spectrum – whether you're seeking prenatal and/or postpartum care, lactation support, experiencing a pregnancy loss, considering abortion, needing abortion care or needing family planning support. Our training and lived experiences enable us to provide emotional, educational and physical support throughout your journey.

As Black doulas, we hope that the folks and families in our care feel seen and loved as their whole selves.

Birth Doula Support

Whether a pregnant person enrolls in our program in their first trimester or right before their estimated due date, we offer home visits as often as every other week. During the 3rd trimester, we offer home visits as often as every week if needed. During a home visit, which is usually about an hour long (but sometimes a little bit longer), clients can discuss medical provider updates with their doula and anything else going on in their lives. We take time to honor and recognize not only their challenges but also their accomplishments. Home visits can include childbirth education and lactation education. If clients prefer group classes, we can help them sign up for BIPOC centered group classes. During home visits, we get to discuss narratives from their families of origin regarding birth traditions and lactation histories. We can begin healing from cycles of trauma AND celebrate our relatives’ resilience and strength.

Postpartum Doula Support

It takes a community to support a baby and the people that care for them. We believe postpartum support can come in many different ways, but should always be done with love and flexibility. Our goal as your postpartum doulas is to support your family as you need. Providing individualized care to you, your baby(ies), and your family as a whole as you develop your new normal and explore which tools work best for you and your family.

Family Planning, In/Fertility

During care, you have the options to receive support with: Nutrition • Stress Factors • Sex • Ovulation • Decongesting the Womb • Working & Healing through Uterine (Womb) Trauma • Herbs to increase fertility • Advocacy • Ancestral + Cultural Practices • And more

Choice Counseling, Abortion Care, Pregnancy Loss

Abortion support and pregnancy release can be approached as a sacred act. I provide virtual or in-person care before, during, and/or after any procedure. I am available for abortions that take place both inside and outside the clinic and at home.

How to Enroll and Qualifications

How to Enroll:

Whether full-paying or needing gifted support (aka pro bono), our online form is our primary referral source. The form works best on Chrome and Safari. If you cannot complete the online form, referrals can still be made by calling us directly at 206-317-1397, option 2. Black folks and families can self-refer, and/or have another provider refer them. Please direct questions to our Doula Lead.

After completing the questionnaire, our doula lead will contact you for a 30 minute intake meeting. Then, you will be matched with a doula for a 60 minute introductory meeting to make sure they fit your journey.

If after that initial call, you decide to enroll for services, we'll send over your documents and get you fully enrolled as a client of BLKBRY.


As with all our programs, participation is voluntary. You can enroll and exit at any time.

Qualifications for Sliding Scale or Pro Bono :

We do offer sliding scale and gifted support for Black folks and Black families (meaning that the pregnant or primary caregiver is Black/African-American). We prioritize those that are low-income, facing financial difficulties, or healthcare inequities that impact their access to culturally congruent full spectrum doula support. Please make sure that you select your level of need on your questionnaire.

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