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We deeply believe that every person has a right to emotional, physical and psychological support from a doula and the information and resources they need to make educated decisions regarding their birth and lactation journey. We want to make sure that we fill in the gaps to have accessible and culturally-congruent education.



building confidence in yourself,
and to trust in your body.

Our Childbirth Education Classes are a

4 Session Series:


Session 1: Childbirth Prep 1

  • Hospital Birth Preparation

  • Out of Hospital with possible transfer info


Session 2: Childbirth Prep 2

  • Labor Preparation

  • Movement


Session 3: Newborn Care


Session 4: Friends and Family - Infant Safety and CPR (not certifying folks)




With Prenatal Lactation Education, we provide information about the anatomy and physiology of nursing, demonstrate various positions and alternative methods (hand expression, spoon or syringe feeding, etc.) you can use to feed your baby. This is a comprehensive and inclusive education one-on-one class centering Black lactation and feeding

With postpartum lactation and feeding support, we meet one-on-one to provide personalized care. Also, as your little one hits certain milestones, there may be times when you need a little support as it is a learning experience and each child is different. During our one-on-one meeting we to a comprehensive assessment, and develop a customized plan to support your journey.

Encouraging you to ask any questions you may have to ensure you are left feeling prepared to begin nursing your little one(s)!

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