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Nutrition & Food Access

"As a Black [people], learning to nourish and respect our bodies means rejecting a system rooted in anti-blackness… Marginalized [and targeted] bodies deserve to be treated with respect and have equal access to culturally relevant and nutritious foods"

- Dr. Kera Nyemb-Diop, @black.nutritionist


At BLKBRY, we are re-indigenizing our plates!

We work with people and families to return to a healthy means of engaging with our cultural cooking and eating practices. Our one-on-one nutrition education focuses on eating seasonally grown foods, meal preparation, customized nutrition plan (based on your diet or provider recommendation), and decolonizing your plate!

We can support your through your perinatal and postpartum period.



Baby-led Feeding

aka Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-Led Feeding aka Baby-Led WeaningJust because a baby is interested in table food, doesn't mean that they're ready to give up human milk. However, I can support that time too. I get numerous questions regarding feeding their little one as they gain interest in table food. It can be a difficult moment to figure out what to feed them and how best to prepare the food as they explore their new options. This support also includes: 

  • Culturally-Aligned Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices

  • Baby-led feeding support

  • Baby-led weaning

  • Infant Meal Prep

  • Teething Relief Strategies

 Appointments are usually scheduled for up to 4 hours per visit.



Baby-led Feeding Resource

The Solid Starts team now consists of passionate parents like me, feeding therapists, swallowing specialists, pediatricians, an allergist, pediatric dietitians, lactation consultants, and a brilliant nutritionist. It is the only comprehensive multidisciplinary team in the baby food and feeding space. Yet every expert opinion and point of research is filtered through the lens of a parent.


Baby-led Weaning/ Feeding Resources. Providing resource information for introducing your little one to new foods and allergen foods, and helpful guides in English and Spanish.


Use code "BLKBRY" to get a 15% discount on al materials.


Food Access Support

BLKBRY receives food boxes from Plant Based Food Share and Alimentando al Pueblo with culturally aligned ingredients for my clients. This is why I'm able to base nutritional support around a person's budget and increase access to nutritious meals.

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