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BLKBRY Lactation and Feeding Specialist™

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What is a BLKBRY Lactation and Feeding Specialist™?

A BLKBRY Lactation and Feeding Specialist™ is an individual specially trained from a social justice lens and experienced to administer culturally congruent education, consultations, assessments, referrals, and recommendations in human lactation, breast/chestfeeding (also referred to as nursing), and other various methods of feeding babies and children, while continuing education in human lactation, nutrition, baby food and feeding that is culturally congruent, equitable, diverse, and inclusive.


Glaring disparities and disproportionate rates continue to widen the gap of nursing Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) families and communities. Historically, marginalized populations do not have the privilege or access to food that is associated with their family’s values, food culture, and identity. After years of politicalization, cultural food shaming, and gatekeeping for monetization, there is a resurgence of BIPOC families reestablishing cultural infant and toddler feeding practices. Generational trauma, chronic stressors coupled with the effects of social determinants of health demonstrate the need for the Lactation and Feeding Specialist classification.


Social justice concepts are inherently integrated throughout all aspects of training, facilitation, and curriculum. The classification of this title is an indication that the individual is trained and experienced in the competencies of human lactation, breast/chestfeeding, alternative feeding methods, and baby-led feeding (also known as baby-led weaning). It’s acknowledged that for BIPOC folks there are various pathways to gain the competencies to educate and support their communities with lactation and feeding.

Lactation and Feeding Support at BLKBRY

In an effort to combat at the disproportionate rates of human lactation and nursing, to divest in non-culturally congruent infrastructures that shame and cause us harm, and to provide a safe space for Black and other lactating parents of color, the BLKBRY Lactation and Feeding Specialist designation was created.


I was tired of seeing us being shamed, our practices being co-oped and erased from our culture, and then monetized by infrastructures that are not for us or by us. We also need to keep accessibility in mind when creating programing for Black and Brown folks to be able to access and complete in order to support and serve their communities.

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